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Abdalhadi, A. and Bencheva, N. and Saad, N.M. and Al-Quraishi, M.S. and Koundal, N. (2024) Study the Effect of Acute Stress on Decision Making Using Function Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS). Communications in Computer and Information Science, 1912 C. pp. 452-463.

Abdullah, N.H. and Borhan, A. and Saadon, S.Z.A.H. (2024) Biosorption of wastewater pollutants by chitosan-based porous carbons: A sustainable approach for advanced wastewater treatment. Bioresource Technology Reports, 25.

Abulkhair, H. and Nallakukkala, S. and Khan, M.S. and Moujdin, I.A. and Almatrafi, E. and Bamaga, O. and Alsaiari, A. and Albeirutty, M.H. and Lal, B. and Mohd Shariff, A. (2024) Desalination of produced water via carbon dioxide hydrate using filter-based hydrate desalination reactor. Separation and Purification Technology, 332.

Ahmed Soomro, A. and Akmar Mokhtar, A. and B Hussin, H. and Lashari, N. and Lekan Oladosu, T. and Muslim Jameel, S. and Inayat, M. (2024) Analysis of machine learning models and data sources to forecast burst pressure of petroleum corroded pipelines: A comprehensive review. Engineering Failure Analysis, 155.

Aziz, M.F. and Shamsuri, N.A. and Hamsan, M.H. and Yusof, Y.M. and Azam, M.A. and Aziz, S.B. and Rusdi, H. and Kadir, M.F.Z. and Shukur, M.F. (2024) An elucidation of symmetric supercapacitor with crustacean-based polymer blend electrolyte. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 141 (2).

Chaudhari, A. and A.A, H.S. and Raut, R. and Sarlan, A. (2024) A Novel Approach of Adpative Window 2 Technique and Kalman Filter- �KalADWIN2� for Detection of Concept Drift. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 14322. pp. 453-467. ISSN 03029743

Diyana Suzaimi, N. and Sean Goh, P. and Chun Wong, K. and Taniguchi, T. and Wei Lim, J. and Ahmad Nizam Nik Malek, N. and Fauzi Ismail, A. (2024) Construction of 1D akaganeite-templated nanochannels in polyamide forward osmosis membrane for high flux separation and nutrient enrichment. Separation and Purification Technology, 330.

El-Ghali, M.A.K. and Shelukhina, O. and Abbasi, I.A. and Moustafa, M.S.H. and Hersi, O.S. and Siddiqui, N.A. and Al-Ramadan, K. and Alqubalee, A. and Bello, A.M. and Amao, A.O. (2024) Depositional and sequence stratigraphic controls on diagenesis in the Upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician Barik Formation, central Oman: Implications for prediction of reservoir porosity in a hybrid-energy delta system. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 160.

Ghumman, A.S.M. and Shamsuddin, R. and Abbasi, A. and Ahmad, M. and Yoshida, Y. and Sami, A. and Almohamadi, H. (2024) The predictive machine learning model of a hydrated inverse vulcanized copolymer for effective mercury sequestration from wastewater. Science of the Total Environment, 908.

Hanafi, Q.N.�M. and Sulaiman, S. and Mahamad, S. (2024) A Web Application to Recommend Songs Based on Human Facial Expressions and Emotions. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 14322. pp. 76-86. ISSN 03029743

Haron, G.A.S. and Mahmood, H. and Noh, H.B. and Moniruzzaman, M. (2024) Fabrication and characterization of 3D printable nanocomposite filament based on cellulose nanocrystals and polylactic acid using ionic liquids. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 141 (2). ISSN 00218995

Hasan, A. and Xiang, Z. and Mao, D. and Kashif, M. and Mirza, F. and Shabbir, R. (2024) Unraveling the impact of eco-centric leadership and pro-environment behaviors in healthcare organizations: Role of green consciousness. Journal of Cleaner Production, 434. ISSN 09596526

Hasan, H.A. and Sopian, K. and Togun, H. and Mahdi, J.M. and Mohammed, H.I. and Yaseen, Z.M. (2024) Experimental evaluation of thermal efficiency, electrical efficiency, and power production of low-concentrating photovoltaic-thermal system with micro-jet channel. Applied Thermal Engineering, 236. ISSN 13594311

Jagaba, Ahmad Hussaini and Kutty, Shamsul Rahman Mohamed and Isa, Mohamed Hasnain and Lawal, Ibrahim Mohammed and Usman, Abdullahi Kilaco and Al-dhawi, Baker Nasser Saleh and Soja, Usman Bala and Saleh, Dalhatu and Hussein, Abdulmalik and Birniwa, Abdullahi Haruna (2024) Toxicity of carbon nanotubes in wastewater treatment.

Junoh, H. and Awang, N. and Ahmad, S.N.A. and Azhar, M. and Jaafar, J. and Nordin, N.A.H.M. and Ismail, A.F. and Qtaishat, M.R. and Matsuura, T. and Othman, M.H.D. and Rahman, M.A. and Zainoodin, A.M. (2024) Contribution of zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 in improving the performance of polymer electrolyte membrane for direct methanol fuel cell. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 329.

Kamarudin, K.A.C. and Zulkifli, S.A.M. and Abro, G.E.M. (2024) Integrating Dynamic Limiting Mechanism in Electric Scooters to Mitigate Range Anxiety via SoC-Tracking Range-Enhancement Attachment (STRETCH). Communications in Computer and Information Science, 1911 C. pp. 466-482.

Kusherova, PT and Yerzhanov, YB and Tleugalieva, ZA and Khaldun, M Al Azzam and Aidarova, SB and Mohammad, Azmi Bustam (2024) Stability study of emulsions based on modified xanthan gum. Kompleksnoe Ispolzovanie Mineralnogo Syra= Complex use of mineral resources, 328 (1). pp. 42-49.

Lam, S.-M. and Sin, J.-C. and Zeng, H. and Li, H. and Lin, H. and Huang, L. and Lim, J.-W. and Dong, K. (2024) Improved aquaculture wastewater treatment and concomitant power generation in a photoelectrocatalytic fuel cell equipped with S-scheme Fe2WO6/ZnO nanorod arrays photoanode and NiFe2O4 cathode. Separation and Purification Technology, 329.

Lam, Sze-Mun and Sin, Jin-Chung and Zeng, Honghu and Li, Haixaing and Lin, Hua and Huang, Liangliang and Lim, Jun-Wei and Dong, Kun (2024) Improved aquaculture wastewater treatment and concomitant power generation in a photoelectrocatalytic fuel cell equipped with S-scheme Fe2WO6/ZnO nanorod arrays photoanode and NiFe2O4 cathode. Separation and Purification Technology, 329. p. 125249.

Le, H.T. and Punurai, W. and Yubonmhat, K. and Yuliati, E. and Leow, J.-S. and Kang, H.-S. and Amelia, S. and Yaakob, O.B. and Zawawi, N.A.W. and Wang, J. and Van Le, S. (2024) Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Waste Management in the ASEAN Oil and Gas Industry: A Review. Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, 28 (1). ISSN 21535493

Malik, K. and Ahmad, F. and Yunus, N.A. and Gunister, E. and Shahed, C.A. (2024) Mechanical Investigation of Kenaf/Carbon Hybrid Composites for Building and Construction Applications. Journal of Composites for Construction, 28 (1).

Marode, R.V. and Awang, M. and Lemma, T.A. and Pedapati, S.R. and Hassan, A. and Janga, V.S.R. and Alam, M.A. and Loyte, A. and Devarajan, Y. (2024) Friction stir processing of AZ91 hybrid composites with exfoliated multi-layered graphene: A Taguchi-Grey relational analysis. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 972.

Nikbakht, E. and Gad, M. and Chang, J.W. (2024) Push-out tests on steel composite sections with engineered cementitious composite. Engineering Solid Mechanics, 12 (1). pp. 11-16.

Nouh, S.A. and KuShaari, K. and Keong, L.K. and Samsuri, S. (2024) Material characterization and inter/intra-particle validation for DEM simulation of urea coating process. Particuology, 88. pp. 32-48.

Pongsiriyakul, Kanokthip and Kiatkittipong, Worapon and Lim, Jun Wei and Najdanovic-Visak, Vesna and Wongsakulphasatch, Suwimol and Kiatkittipong, Kunlanan and Srifa, Atthapon and Eiad-ua, Apiluck and Boonyasuwat, Sunya and Assabumrungrat, Suttichai (2024) Biofuel upgrading via catalytic deoxygenation in trickle bed reactor: Crucial issue in selection of pressure regulator type. Fuel, 355. p. 129456.

Poulose, A. and Mathew, A. and Uthaman, A. and Lal, H.M. and Parameswaranpillai, J. and Mathiazhagan, A. and Saheed, M.M. and Grohens, Y. and Pasquini, D. and Gopakumar, D.A. and George, J.J. (2024) Facile fabrication of arecanut palm sheath based robust hydrophobic cellulose nanopapers via self-assembly of ZnO nanoflakes and its shelf-life prediction for sustainable packaging applications. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 255.

Ramadevi, B. and Kasi, V.R. and Bingi, K. (2024) Fractional ordering of activation functions for neural networks: A case study on Texas wind turbine. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 127. ISSN 09521976

Rawindran, H. and Arif bin Hut, N. and Vrasna, D.K. and Goh, P.S. and Lim, J.W. and Liew, C.S. and Ho, C.-D. and Kang, H.-S. and Shahid, M.K. and Ng, H.-S. and Habila, M.A. and Khoo, K.S. (2024) Ultrafiltration membrane fabricated from polyethylene terephthalate plastic waste for treating microalgal wastewater and reusing for microalgal cultivation. Chemosphere, 346.

Remesh, S. and Loganathan, N.N. and Perumal, V. and Ovinis, M. and Karuppanan, S. and Edison, T.N.J.I. and Raja, P.B. and Ibrahim, M.N.M. and Arumugam, N. and Kumar, R.S. (2024) A high performance selectively grown nano-octahedral Mn3O4 on lignin derived laser scribed graphene for microsupercapacitor applications. Journal of Energy Storage, 77.

Salleh, R. and Mohd Sidek, L. and Abdul Rashid, R. and Basri, H. and Kumar, V. and Abd Razak, S.N. and Khalid Ali, K. and Singh, P. (2024) Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Dam Break: A Case Study of Hulu Perak Dams in Malaysia. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 353 LN. pp. 51-65.

Shalfoh, E. and Ahmad, M.I. and Binhweel, F. and Shaah, M.A. and Senusi, W. and Hossain, M.S. and Alsaadi, S. (2024) Fish waste oil extraction using supercritical CO2 extraction for biodiesel production: Mathematical, and kinetic modeling. Renewable Energy, 220.

Shamsuri, N.A. and Hamsan, M.H. and Shukur, M.F. and Alias, Y. and Halim, S.N.A. and Aziz, S.B. and Jahidin, A.H. and Sulaiman, M. and Yuwana, L. and Siong, S.O.J. and Sarih, N.M. and Kadir, M.F.Z. (2024) Enhancing EDLC applications with BMIMBF4-integrated cellulose gel electrolyte for sustainable energy storage. Journal of Energy Storage, 75.

Shokrollahi, F. and Keong Lau, K. and Partoon, B. and Sze Lai, L. (2024) Parametric quantification of sonochemical effect during the high frequency ultrasonic-assisted absorption of bulk CO2. Separation and Purification Technology, 331.

Shukla, S. and Hussain, S. and Irshad, R.R. and Alattab, A.A. and Thakur, S. and Breslin, J.G. and Hassan, M.F. and Abimannan, S. and Husain, S. and Jameel, S.M. (2024) Network analysis in a peer-to-peer energy trading model using blockchain and machine learning. Computer Standards and Interfaces, 88.

Sikiru, S. and Soleimani, H. and Rostami, A. and Hamza, M.F. and Afolabi, L.O. (2024) Analysis of CH4 and H2 Adsorption on Heterogeneous Shale Surfaces Using a Molecular Dynamics Approach. Fluid Dynamics and Materials Processing, 20 (1). pp. 31-44.

Tackie-Otoo, B.N. and Haq, M.B. (2024) A comprehensive review on geo-storage of H2 in salt caverns: Prospect and research advances. Fuel, 356.

Tukkee, A.M. and Al-Kayiem, H.H. and Gilani, S.I.U. (2024) Assessment of the Turbine Location for Optimum Performance of the Solar Vortex Engine as a Replacement to the Tall Chimney Solar Updraft Power Plant Design. Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics, 10 (1). pp. 38-54.

Usman, M. and Zulkefli, F.S.E. and Wirzal, M.D.H. and Hizam, S.M. and Nor Zaidi, A.N. and Saad, M.S. (2024) Modified carbon paste electrode with choline proline in enhancing the performance of water electrolysis system for hydrogen production. Fuel, 358.

Vats, S. and Sharma, V. and Singh, K. and Katti, A. and Mohd Ariffin, M. and Nazir Ahmad, M. and Ahmadian, A. and Salahshour, S. (2024) Incremental learning-based cascaded model for detection and localization of tuberculosis from chest x-ray images. Expert Systems with Applications, 238. ISSN 09574174

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