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Abuabdou, S.M.A. and Jaffari, Z.H. and Ng, C.-A. and Ho, Y.-C. and Bashir, M.J.K. (2021) A new polyvinylidene fluoride membrane synthesized by integrating of powdered activated carbon for treatment of stabilized leachate. Water (Switzerland), 13 (16).

Alkarkhi, A.F.M. and Danish, M. and Abu Amr, S.S. and Alqaraghuli, W.A.A. and Ayoub, M. (2021) Evaluation and mechanism of glucose production through acid hydrolysis process: Statistical approach. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 36.

Altowayti, W.A.H. and Othman, N. and Al-Gheethi, A. and Dzahir, N.H.B.M. and Asharuddin, S.M. and Alshalif, A.F. and Nasser, I.M. and Tajarudin, H.A. and Al-Towayti, F.A.H. (2021) Adsorption of Zn2+ from synthetic wastewater using dried watermelon rind (D-WMR): An overview of nonlinear and linear regression and error analysis. Molecules, 26 (20).

Alyan, E. and Saad, N.M. and Kamel, N. and Yusoff, M.Z. and Zakariya, M.A. and Rahman, M.A. and Guillet, C. and Merienne, F. (2021) Frontal electroencephalogram alpha asymmetry during mental stress related to workplace noise. Sensors, 21 (6). pp. 1-12.

Arifin, M.H. and Kayode, J.S. and Ismail, M.K.I. and Abdullah, A.M. and Embrandiri, A. and Nazer, N.S.M. and Azmi, A. (2021) A novel method for the quantification of industrial and municipal waste materials for environmental hazard assessment. MethodsX, 8.


Ghaleb, A.A.S. and Kutty, S.R.M. and Salih, G.H.A. and Jagaba, A.H. and Noor, A. and Kumar, V. and Almahbashi, N.M.Y. and Saeed, A.A.H. and Saleh Al-dhawi, B.N. (2021) Sugarcane bagasse as a co-substrate with oil-refinery biological sludge for biogas production using batch mesophilic anaerobic co-digestion technology: Effect of carbon/nitrogen ratio. Water (Switzerland), 13 (5).


Khan, H.W. and Reddy, A.V.B. and Bustam, M.A. and Goto, M. and Moniruzzaman, M. (2021) Development and optimization of ionic liquid-based emulsion liquid membrane process for efficient recovery of lactic acid from aqueous streams. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 176.

Khan, M.S. and Bavoh, C.B. and Foo, K.S. and Shariff, A.M. and Kassim, Z. and Othman, N.A.B. and Lal, B. and Ahmed, I. and Rahman, M.A. and Gomari, S.R. (2021) Kinetic behavior of quaternary ammonium hydroxides in mixed methane and carbon dioxide hydrates. Molecules, 26 (2).


Lalji, S.M. and Khan, M.A. and Haneef, J. and Ali, S.I. and Arain, A.H. and Shah, S.S. (2021) Nano-particles adapted drilling fluids for the swelling inhibition for the Northern region clay formation of Pakistan. Applied Nanoscience (Switzerland).

Leong, H.Y. and Chang, C.-K. and Khoo, K.S. and Chew, K.W. and Chia, S.R. and Lim, J.W. and Chang, J.-S. and Show, P.L. (2021) Waste biorefinery towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy: a solution to global issues. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 14 (1).


Mohammed, S.A.S. and Yahya, W.Z.N. and Bustam, M.A. and Kibria, M.G. (2021) Elucidation of the roles of ionic liquid in co2 electrochemical reduction to value-added chemicals and fuels. Molecules, 26 (22).

Moshikur, R.M. and Ali, M.K. and Wakabayashi, R. and Moniruzzaman, M. and Goto, M. (2021) Favipiravir-Based Ionic Liquids as Potent Antiviral Drugs for Oral Delivery: Synthesis, Solubility, and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 18 (8). pp. 3108-3115.

Mustafa, H.M. and Hayder, G. and Jagaba, A.H. (2021) Microalgae: A renewable source for wastewater treatment and feedstock supply for biofuel generation. Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 11 (1). pp. 7431-7444.


Naseer, S. and Ali, R.F. and Khan, Y.D. and Dominic, P.D.D. (2021) iGluK-Deep: computational identification of lysine glutarylation sites using deep neural networks with general pseudo amino acid compositions. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.

Nasir, R. and Mohshim, D.F. and Mannan, H.A. and Qadir, D. and Mukhtar, H. and Maqsood, K. and Ali, A. and Maulianda, B. and Abdulrahman, A. and Mahfouz, A.B. (2021) A perspective on ionic liquid-based membranes for CO2 separation. Chemical Papers, 75 (3). pp. 839-852.


Thuy, D.T.B. and Nguyen, A. and Khoo, K.S. and Chew, K.W. and Cnockaert, M. and Vandamme, P. and Ho, Y.-C. and Huy, N.D. and Cocoletzi, H.H. and Show, P.L. (2021) Optimization of culture conditions for gamma-aminobutyric acid production by newly identified Pediococcus pentosaceus MN12 isolated from �mam nem�, a fermented fish sauce. Bioengineered, 12 (1). pp. 54-62.

Tran, T.T.V. and Kumar, S.R. and Nguyen, C.H. and Lee, J.W. and Tsai, H.-A. and Hsieh, C.-H. and Lue, S.J. (2021) High-permeability graphene oxide and poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) blended poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes: Roles of additives and their cumulative effects. Journal of Membrane Science, 619.


Witjaksono, G. and Junaid, M. and Khir, M.H. and Ullah, Z. and Tansu, N. and Saheed, M.S.B.M. and Siddiqui, M.A. and Ba-Hashwan, S.S. and Algamili, A.S. and Magsi, S.A. and Aslam, M.Z. and Nawaz, R. (2021) Effect of nitrogen doping on the optical bandgap and electrical conductivity of nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide. Molecules, 26 (21).


Zahid, I. and Ayoub, M. and Abdullah, B.B. and Mukhtar, A. and Saqib, S. and Rafiq, S. and Ullah, S. and Al-Sehemi, A.G. and Farrukh, S. and Danish, M. (2021) Glycerol Conversion to Solketal: Catalyst and Reactor Design, and Factors Affecting the Yield. ChemBioEng Reviews, 8 (3). pp. 227-238.

Zeshan, M.T. and Mustafa, M.R.U. and Baig, M.F. (2021) Article monitoring land use changes and their future prospects using gis and ann-ca for perak river basin, malaysia. Water (Switzerland), 13 (16).

Zulfiqar, M. and Sufian, S. and Rabat, N.E. and Mansor, N. (2021) Enhancement of adsorption and photocatalytic activities of alkaline-based TiO2 nanotubes for experimental and theoretical investigation under FeCl3 and H2O2. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 39.

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