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Ahmad, S.I. and Rashid, R. and Hashim, Z. and Meng, C.C. and Lun, C.K. and Jumaatuden, D.M.H. and Yasin, N.A. and Jati, A. and Hassim, M.H. (2022) Economic study on biohydrogen production from liquid pineapple waste. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy.

Aljuboori, F.A. and Lee, J.H. and Elraies, K.A. and Stephen, K.D. and Memon, M.K. (2022) Modelling the transient effect in naturally fractured reservoirs. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology.


Chong, C.C. and Cheng, Y.W. and Ishak, S. and Lam, M.K. and Lim, J.W. and Tan, I.S. and Show, P.L. and Lee, K.T. (2022) Anaerobic digestate as a low-cost nutrient source for sustainable microalgae cultivation: A way forward through waste valorization approach. Science of the Total Environment, 803.


Farooqi, A.S. and Yusuf, M. and Zabidi, N.A.M. and Saidur, R. and Shahid, M.U. and Ayodele, B.V. and Abdullah, B. (2022) Hydrogen-rich syngas production from bi-reforming of greenhouse gases over zirconia modified Ni/MgO catalyst. International Journal of Energy Research, 46 (3). pp. 2529-2545.


Gasim, M.F. and Lim, J.-W. and Low, S.-C. and Lin, K.-Y.A. and Oh, W.-D. (2022) Can biochar and hydrochar be used as sustainable catalyst for persulfate activation? Chemosphere, 287.


Hassan, T.N.A.T. and Shariff, A.M. and Pauzi, M.M.M. and Khidzir, M.S. and Surmi, A. (2022) Insights on Cryogenic Distillation Technology for Simultaneous CO2 and H2 S Removal for Sour Gas Fields. Molecules, 27 (4).


Irfan, M. and Waqas, S. and Arshad, U. and Khan, J.A. and Legutko, S. and Kruszelnicka, I. and Ginter-Kramarczyk, D. and Rahman, S. and Skrzypczak, A. (2022) Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Network Modelling of Membrane Rotating Biological Contactors for Wastewater Treatment. Materials, 15 (5).


Kabir Ahmad, R. and Anwar Sulaiman, S. and Yusup, S. and Sham Dol, S. and Inayat, M. and Aminu Umar, H. (2022) Exploring the potential of coconut shell biomass for charcoal production. Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 13 (1).

Kumar, D. and Lashari, N. and Ganat, T. and Abdalla Ayoub, M. and Ahmed Soomro, A. and Ali Chandio, T. (2022) A review on application of nanoparticles in cEOR: Performance, mechanisms, and influencing parameters. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 353.

Kumar Vandrangi, S. and Alemu Lemma, T. and Muhammad Mujtaba, S. and Ofei, T.N. (2022) Developments of leak detection, diagnostics, and prediction algorithms in multiphase flows. Chemical Engineering Science, 248.


Mazlan, N. and Jumbri, K. and Azlan Kassim, M. and Abdul Wahab, R. and Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman, M. (2022) Density functional theory and molecular dynamics simulation studies of bio-based fatty hydrazide-corrosion inhibitors on Fe (1 1 0) in acidic media. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 347.


Oyekanmi, A.A. and Alshammari, M.B. and Mohamad Ibrahim, M.N. and Hanafiah, M.M. and Elnaggar, A.Y. and Ahmad, A. and Oyediran, A.T. and Rosli, M.A. and Setapar, S.H.M. and Daud, N.N.N. and Hussein, E.E. (2022) Highly Effective Cow Bone Based Biocomposite for the Sequestration of Organic Pollutant Parameter from Palm Oil Mill Effluent in a Fixed Bed Column Adsorption System. Polymers, 14 (1).


Wong, L.Y. and Lau, S.Y. and Pan, S. and Lam, M.K. (2022) 3D graphene-based adsorbents: Synthesis, proportional analysis and potential applications in oil elimination. Chemosphere, 287.


Zailani, N.H.Z.O. and Yunus, N.M. and Ab Rahim, A.H. and Bustam, M.A. (2022) Experimental Investigation on Thermophysical Properties of Ammonium-Based Protic Ionic Liquids and Their Potential Ability towards CO2 Capture. Molecules, 27 (3).

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