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Abd Manan, T.S.B. and Beddu, S. and Mohamad, D. and Mohd Kamal, N.L. and Itam, Z. and Khan, T. and Jusoh, H. and Abdul Rahman, N.A. and Mohamed Nazri, F. and Mohd Yapandi, M.F.K. and Wan Mohtar, W.H.M. and Isa, M.H. and Che Muda, Z. and Ahmad, A. and Wan Rasdi, N. (2021) Physicochemical properties of absorbent hydrogel polymers in disposable baby diapers. Chemical Physics Letters, 774.

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Altowayti, W.A.H. and Othman, N. and Shahir, S. and Alshalif, A.F. and Al-Gheethi, A.A. and AL-Towayti, F.A.H. and Saleh, Z.M. and Haris, S.A. (2021) Removal of arsenic from wastewater by using different technologies and adsorbents: a review. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.


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Farooqi, A.S. and Yusuf, M. and Ishak, M.A.I. and Zabidi, N.A.M. and Saidur, R. and Khan, A. and Abdullah, B. (2021) Combined H2O and CO2 Reforming of CH4 Over Ca Promoted Ni/Al2O3 Catalyst: Enhancement of Ni-CaO Interactions. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. pp. 220-229.


Giwa, A. and Yusuf, A. and Balogun, H.A. and Sambudi, N.S. and Bilad, M.R. and Adeyemi, I. and Chakraborty, S. and Curcio, S. (2021) Recent advances in advanced oxidation processes for removal of contaminants from water: A comprehensive review. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 146. pp. 220-256.

Gul Zaman, H. and Baloo, L. and Pendyala, R. and Singa, P.K. and Ilyas, S.U. and Kutty, S.R.M. (2021) Produced water treatment with conventional adsorbents and MOF as an alternative: A review. Materials, 14 (24).


Hussain, M. and Zabiri, H. and Uddin, F. and Yusup, S. and Tufa, L.D. (2021) Pilot-scale biomass gasification system for hydrogen production from palm kernel shell (part A): steady-state simulation. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery.


Jagaba, A.H. and Kutty, S.R.M. and Hayder, G. and Baloo, L. and Ghaleb, A.A.S. and Lawal, I.M. and Abubakar, S. and Al-dhawi, B.N.S. and Almahbashi, N.M.Y. and Umaru, I. (2021) Degradation of Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn by Moringa-oleifera, zeolite, ferric-chloride, chitosan and alum in an industrial effluent. Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 12 (1). pp. 57-64.


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Mohd Johari, S.A. and Mahad Nasir, M.M. and Ali, S. and Hamza, A. and Aleem, W. and Ameen, M. and Aqsha, A. (2021) Recent Technology Developments in Biogas Production from Waste Materials in Malaysia. ChemBioEng Reviews, 8 (6). pp. 564-592.

Musa, S.G. and Aljunid Merican, Z.M. and Akbarzadeh, O. (2021) Study on selected metal-organic framework-based catalysts for cycloaddition reaction of co2 with epoxides: A highly economic solution for carbon capture and utilization. Polymers, 13 (22).


Nadeem, S. and Mumtaz, A. and Alnarabiji, M.S. and Mutalib, M.I.A. and Abdullah, B. (2021) Highly porous Zr-MCM-48 immobilized Cu-porphyrin for photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to methanol in a slurry reactor. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics.


Ramli, A. and Kin, L.W. and Anuar, N.A.S.I.K. and Yunus, N.M. and Rahman, N.J.A. (2021) Microwave-Assisted Solvothermal Liquefaction of Kenaf Stalks for Bio-oil Production. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Saqib, S. and Mukhtar, A. and Ullah, S. and Sagir, M. and Tahir, M.B. and Amen, R. and Babar, M. and Al-Sehemi, A.G. and Assiri, M.A. and Ibrahim, M. (2021) Biological Methods for Carbon Dioxide Conversion and Utilization. Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation. pp. 165-177.

Sidek, A. and Omar, A.F. and Supee, A. and Alpandi, A.H. and Husin, H. and Ekaputra, D.B. and Omar, S. (2021) Oily sand cleaning optimization by surfactants interfacial tension screening and hydrocyclone separation Pengoptimuman pembersihan pasir berminyak oleh saringan ketegangan antara muka surfaktan dan pemisahan hidrosiklon. Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, 25 (2). pp. 203-214.


Tewari, R.D. and Sedaralit, M.F. and Lal, B. (2021) Pitching early for CCUS research and development in oil & gas industry: A well thought endeavor. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Zango, Z.U. and Jumbri, K. and Sambudi, N.S. and Abu Bakar, H.H. and Garba, Z.N. and Isiyaka, H.A. and Saad, B. (2021) Selective adsorption of dyes and pharmaceuticals from water by UiO metal�organic frameworks: A comprehensive review. Polyhedron, 210.

Zulfiqar, M. and Rabat, N.E. and Bahadar, A. and Lashari, N. and Mahnashi, M.H. and Alqarni, A.O. (2021) Development of Elaeis guineensis/polyvinyl alcohol/carbon nanotube composites for efficient adsorption of dye: Experimental and theoretical approach. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.

Zulkifli, N.I. and Mohd Zabidi, N.A. (2021) Catalytic Conversion of CO2 into Alcohols: Comparison of Supports. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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