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Akbarzadeh, O. and Mohd Zabidi, N.A. and Abdul Wahab, Y. and Hamizi, N.A. and Chowdhury, Z.Z. and Merican Aljunid Merican, Z. and Rahman, M.A. and Akhter, S. and Shalauddin, M. and Johan, M.R. (2019) Effects of cobalt loading, particle size, and calcination condition on Co/CNT catalyst performance in Fischer-Tropsch reactions. Symmetry, 11 (1).

Akbarzadeh, O. and Zabidi, N.A.M. and Hamizi, N.A. and Wahab, Y.A. and Merican, Z.M.A. and Yehya, W.A. and Akhter, S. and Shalauddin, M. and Rasouli, E. and Johan, M.R. (2019) Effect of pH, acid and thermal treatment conditions on Co/CNT catalyst performance in fischer-tropsch reaction. Symmetry, 11 (1).

Athar, M. and Mohd Shariff, A. and Buang, A. and Shuaib Shaikh, M. and Ishaq Khan, M. (2019) Review of Process Industry Accidents Analysis towards Safety System Improvement and Sustainable Process Design. Chemical Engineering and Technology, 42 (3). pp. 524-538.

Athar, M. and Shariff, A.M. and Buang, A. and Shaikh, M.S. and See, T.L. (2019) Inherent safety for sustainable process design of process piping at the preliminary design stage. Journal of Cleaner Production, 209. pp. 1307-1318.

Idris, A. and Man, Z. and Maulud, A.S. and Mannan, H.A. and Shafie, A. (2019) Effect of silane coupling agents on properties and performance of polycarbonate/silica MMMs. Polymer Testing, 73. pp. 159-170.

Ismail, M. and Bakaruddin, B.R. and Lethesh, K.C. and Mutalib, M.I.A. and Shah, S.N. (2019) Experimental and theoretical study on extraction and recovery of naphthenic acid using dicyanamide-based ionic liquids. Separation and Purification Technology. pp. 199-212.

Khan, M.S. and Lal, B. and Keong, L.K. and Ahmed, I. (2019) Tetramethyl ammonium chloride as dual functional inhibitor for methane and carbon dioxide hydrates. Fuel, 236. pp. 251-263.

Khan, M.S. and Lal, B. and Shariff, A.M. and Mukhtar, H. (2019) Ammonium hydroxide ILs as dual-functional gas hydrate inhibitors for binary mixed gas (carbon dioxide and methane) hydrates. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 274. pp. 33-44.

Othman, N.K. and Yahya, S. and Ismail, M.C. (2019) Corrosion inhibition of steel in 3.5 NaCl by rice straw extract. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 70. pp. 299-310.

Raj, J.J. and Magaret, S. and Pranesh, M. and Lethesh, K.C. and Devi, W.C. and Mutalib, M.I.A. (2019) Dual functionalized imidazolium ionic liquids as a green solvent for extractive desulfurization of fuel oil: Toxicology and mechanistic studies. Journal of Cleaner Production, 213. pp. 989-998.

Rashid, Z. and Wilfred, C.D. and Gnanasundaram, N. and Arunagiri, A. and Murugesan, T. (2019) A comprehensive review on the recent advances on the petroleum asphaltene aggregation. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 176. pp. 249-268.

Shehzad, N. and Tahir, M. and Johari, K. and Murugesan, T. and Hussain, M. (2019) Fabrication of highly efficient and stable indirect Z-scheme assembly of AgBr/TiO 2 via graphene as a solid-state electron mediator for visible light induced enhanced photocatalytic H 2 production. Applied Surface Science, 463. pp. 445-455.

Sivapragasam, M. and Jaganathan, J.R. and Levêque, J.-M. and Moniruzzaman, M. and Abdul Mutalib, M.I. (2019) Microbial biocompatibility of phosphonium- and ammonium-based ionic liquids. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 273. pp. 107-115.

Ullah, S. and Suleman, H. and Tahir, M.S. and Sagir, M. and Muhammad, S. and Al-Sehemi, A.G. and Zafar, M.-U.-R. and Kareem, F.A.A. and Maulud, A.S. and Bustam, M.A. (2019) Reactive kinetics of carbon dioxide loaded aqueous blend of 2-amino-2-ethyl-1,3-propanediol and piperazine using a pressure drop method. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics.

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