Novel EM antenna based on Y3Fe5O12 magnetic feeders for improved MVO

Akhtar,, M. N. and Yahya,, N. and Nasir,, N. (2011) Novel EM antenna based on Y3Fe5O12 magnetic feeders for improved MVO. Journal.

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Sea bed logging (SBL) is a new method for detection of hydrocarbon reservoir beneath the seabed. A powerful electromagnetic (EM) antenna having strong EM waves is required for the transmission of EM signal underneath the seabed for deep target exploration which is still remains a challenge. A new aluminium transmitter with yttrium iron garnet (Y3Fe 5O12) based magnetic feeders was developed in a scale tank to increase the magnitude of the magnetic field. Y3Fe 5O12 were prepared by using Modified Conventional Mixing Oxide (MCMO) technique. The samples were sintered at 750°C, 950°C, 1150°C and 1350°C to get required characteristics of garnet nanoparticles. Characterizations of Y3Fe5O12 were done by using XRD, RAMAN, FESEM and Impedance network analyzer. X-ray diffraction results revealed that best Y3Fe5O12 phase was appeared at the sintering temperature of 1350°C. Nanoparticles sizes ranging from 60 to 100nm were obtained by using MCMO method. Raman results also demonstrate the confirmation of garnet structure of Y3Fe 5O12 sample at 1350°C. Field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) was used to see the morphology of the Y 3Fe5O12 nanoparticles. Magnetic characterization results showed that Y3Fe5O12 at 1350°C has high Initial permeability (30.8773) and high Q-factor (45.719), where as low loss factor (0.0001) was also investigated. Samples having high Q factor were chosen for EM antenna. Simulations of new EM antenna were done by using CST software. It was observed that magnitude of this EM waves were increased up to 166% in scale tank using novel EM antenna. It was also found from the results of Finite element (FE) modelling of the scaled tank that the magnitude of B field increased by using Y3Fe5O 12 magnetic feeders on EM antenna. © 2011 IEEE.

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Date Deposited: 19 Dec 2011 00:54
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